Les Femmes d'Espoir Des Gonaives mean The Women of Hope of Gonaives

Group photo taken during our first training session in April 2014

The Haven Partnership Team:  John Moore, Country Director along side Nadine Raphael and Farah Dorisme, Community Development Personnel​

The Haven Partnership

John Moore, Country Director

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Leslie Buckley, Irish businessman and philanthropist, founded Haven in 2009 after he visited Haiti on business.  Mr. Buckley saw an urgent need to help the underserved population of Haiti.   With an initial grant of $1 million, Haven focuses on building sustainable communities by partnering with the government of Haiti and local residents to construct new housing, drill for clean water and install proper sanitation methods. 

Haven also provides workshops on important issues such as basic hygiene, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, democracy, leadership and conflict resolution.  Haven even offers vocational training in construction and sewing to help ensure each community’s success and encourage local commerce.

Chantal M. Laroche

President of Alliance Française du Cap-Haïtien

Owner of LaTouche and Artisan Boutik in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

Reinventing the wheel takes time and money, and Haiti is no exception.

Working with like-minded people and organizations allows us to help more women faster.

The Women of Milot Entrepreneurial Network partnered with Haven in March 2014 to open a new sewing cooperative in the remote town of Gonaives for 25 women.  The women named their co-op “Les Femmes D’espoir Des Gonaives” (The Women of Hope of Gonaives).  Their remote location can make staying connected a challenge however, nearly a year later, John and his team continue to provide support at every turn whether it be transporting materials or providing much needed equipment and supplies. HAVEN EVEN BUILT A NEW WORKSHOP where the ladies meet each day to work and can safely store supplies and finished products. We are very proud to partner with this impressive organization and look forward to progress in 2016.

Chantal is an astute businesswoman and committed to whatever she puts her mind to.  She cares about the plight of underserved women in Haiti.  In January 2014 I stopped at La Touche to purchase a few things for our workshop and met Chantal Laroche.  I showed her some of our merchandise and she offered to show samples to her friends in Cap Haitien and Port-up-Prince.  Before long, several hotels in Haiti were selling our merchandise in their gift shops.   In January 2015 Chantal traveled to France for the annual meeting of Alliance Française.  Again she took samples and emailed orders for shops in Paris and Brussels.  At one point, Chantal was responsible for nearly emptying our entire inventory!

When the new Cap Haitien Airport opened in October 2014, Chantal generously partnered with W.O.M.E.N. for her new shop, Artisan Boutik, located on the upper level of new American Airlines Departure Lounge.  

Deborah Couri-D'Amico & Chantal Laroche

The 2014 opening of the new Cap-Haïtien Airport

Using a coal iron to press fabric.

There is no electricity in their community.  Ironing is done using a coal filled iron.