every training program from sewing to management.  Gladys is an industrious and eager worker who always has a smile on her face. Gladys started her own co-op in February 2013.

Jesula​ joined the project in 2011 with little sewing experience but, wanting to learn more, never missed a training class. She has mastered using a sewing machine and is also excellent at hand-embroidery.  In 2014 kitchen towels were added to our line and Jesula quickly took to them.  She 

Felicia, along with her husband and their young son, recently purchased a piece of land just outside Cap Haitien and are saving to build a home for their family as well as a new workspace that will allow her to expand her business.  Congratulations Felicita! 

co-op in 2013. Zoulma is especially skilled at hand embroidery and hand-appliqué. New items are being created to showcase her talents.

​​to teach new classes for new members. Until recently Claudine always lived in her mother's one-room house. She now lives in the 5-room home she built for herself and her young sons.  Claudine is a true success story.

​​Claudine  is 33 years old and has two young sons.  She fell in love with the project from the start because she knew it would bring hope for her sons’ future.  Claudine attended every training class and has become a highly skilled artisan. Claudine lead the way starting our first independent co-op in April 2012 and steps in when ever  needed 

commitment to The Women of Milot Entrepreneurial Network quickly earned her the opportunity to start her own co-op in December 2013.  

other co-op leaders before starting her own cottage business in the fall of 2014.  She has a natural talent combining vibrant colors.

especially enjoys creating kitchen towels for the Christmas holiday.

Solange  joined W.O.M.E.N. in 2011. She is committed to her work and is always eager to attend new training sessions. Solange became a co-op leader In 2014 when kitchen towels were added to our line.  Our newest designs combine block printing, embroidery and appliqué.  Solange quickly mastered these techniques and earned a leadership position in the project.

Marguerite D.  has a background in bookkeeping but also enjoys sewing and quilting.  Despite the stern look in her photo, Marguerite is kind but guarded.  She is industrious and works hard to build a successful co-op that combines block printing, embroidery appliqué and hand-sewing.

Stay tuned for the addition of several new co-op members throughout 2016!

Marguerite F. or Margot as she is known to her friends, is married with twin daughters, now 16 years old.  Before becoming a co-op member, Margot and her husband were unable to earn enough money to send their daughters to school. Now both attend school. Margot was chosen to be featured on our website’s video because of her strong work ethic and genuine humility.  Margot worked with

Zoulma  has five children and is the sole supporter of her family.  Though some of her children are grown, she takes pride in being able to help care for her grandchildren.  Zoulma is known for her generosity and often prepares food for others in her community when they have nothing to eat without expecting anything in return.  She began as an apprentice under Claudine before starting her own​

Gladys​ was already raising three children ages 9, 13 and 17 when her sister passed away in late 2013 and left her with two more children to care for.  Gladys attended a technical school where she learned to sew but but never found work until joining The Women of Milot Entrepreneurial Network. She's been with the project from the start, attending 

Denise lives in the town of Milot with her husband and four children.  She is also mother to a niece and nephew after her sister died of in 2011.  Denise attend our first training seminars and proved to be a leader from the start.  She is diligent in her work, encourages other members in times of need and genuinely shares in their happiness when they succeed. Denise’s

Felicita  is our most recognizable co-op leader.  Her photograph graces our home page and a much larger version hangs in the Artisan Boutik at the Cap Haitien airport.   Felicia  became a co-op leader in the fall of 2013.  She is as pleasant as she is talented, and always eager to take on as much work as possible.  Despite not having any formal sewing experience, Felicita has a natural ability to learn new projects quickly.